Otelscope Quick Installation Guide

Installing Otelscope on webMethods

The distribution for Otelscope is available as a zip file that contains 3 packages:

  • NtCommon - contains the dependencies for the OpenTelemetry implementation
  • NtOtelscope - primary Otelscope package that requires NtCommon to be installed and activated
  • NtOtelLogs - optional package needed to support log integration to OpenTelemetry logging provider

NtCommon and NtOtlescope are required. NtOtelLogs is optional and provides log integration with OpenTelemetry providers.

The packages can be unzipped into the packages directory of a running or stopped instance of an Integration Server, Microservices Runtime (MSR) or API Gateway.

Before activating the packages or starting the server, place the Otelscope license file into the NtOtelscope/config folder of the NtOtelscope package and activate the packages in the same order as listed above using the Integration Server package administration screen. Otelscope is activated once package loading is completed. A server restart is not needed.

The packages can also be installed using the replicate/inbound mechanism as well. However, Otelscope will not be enabled using this approach since no license key file is included. The license key file will have to be placed into the NtOtelscope/config folder and then Otelscope would have to be enabled through the UI administration screen available on the NtOtelscope package home page.

Note: There is a different version of the NtOtelscope package for installation on an Integration Server running the webMethods API Gateway. To confirm that the correct version is being used, please check the dependencies of the NtOtelscope package. The API Gateway specific version will contain a dependency on the WmAPIGateway package. ‍

NtOtelscope Homepage

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