Gain visibility into the performance of your webMethods services

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Intercept service invocations on webMethods Integration Server and take action

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A powerful and robust PowerShell API for the webMethods Integration Server

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A true Measure First approach to Business Activity Monitoring with Optimize

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Notification Framework

An asynchronous framework to send out e-mails based on different events

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Custom and configurable logging for
your webMethods applications

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Separate your applications' configurations in
easy to manage configuration files

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A robust set of best practice guides, utility packages, and other frameworks to help you hit the ground running

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Installation & Architecture

Conceptualization, installation, and delivery of highly available and scalable integration environments

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Design & Development

Years of experience designing and implementing solutions leveraging proven integration patterns

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Upgrade Methodology

A proven, repeatable, and automated way to upgrade your integration platform faster

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Continuous Integration

Thought leaders in the implementation of Devops and CI/CD capabilities within your integration stack

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Percio Castro, CEO

A Computer Scientist on paper and at heart, Percio has been working in the integration space for much of his career, with over 20 years of experience with the Software AG stack alone. Six of those 20 years were spent at Software AG Professional Services, where as a consultant, Percio helped numerous customers solve real world problems with the Software AG suite, and later as a manager of the Intelligent Business Operations team, Percio led a number of premier consultants in the adoption of emerging technologies. Now, as CEO of Nibble Technologies, Percio continues to assist customers in the adoption and implementation of different technologies, while also helping to bridge gaps within these technologies via new and innovative tools like Nanoscope, Wiretap, and others.

John Shoup, President

John has built a career on being a data junky. For 20 years he's been extracting, transforming, analyzing, transmitting and visualizing data with the goal of making better business decisions at a faster pace. John's in-depth management and financial background coupled with his deep technical knowledge enables him to seamlessly move between development, implementation, management and architectural consulting roles. The last 7 years have been spent primarily focused on integration projects leveraging Software AG's webMethods suite of products.  As President of Nibble Technologies, John now leverages his "business-first" approach to help customers solve their data challenges across many industries including: Marketing; Warehouse Management and Logistics; Technology; Retail; Publishing; Federal, State and Local Government; Department of Defense (DoD) and more.

Rupinder SINGH, CTO

After completing a Masters in Physics, Rupinder decided that his interest was more in Computer Science and he moved into that field, first in the defense area and then to join and stay in the Integration space for the rest of his active career. He has spent more than 20 years in various technology roles with webMethods. He started as a consultant and moved into various customer facing roles in Software AG Professional Services before taking up the responsibility of the webMethods product division at Software AG as a the General Manager for about 2 years. Now, as CTO of Nibble Technologies, Rupinder spends most of his time using his webMethods experience to create products and solutions for webMethods customers. He has avid interest in CI/CD and Observability areas and has authored the DevOps methodology for webMethods including the webMethods TestSuite, which is now a part of the Software AG product stack. Rupinder has also authored several profiling, observability and developer productivity products.

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