Gain visibility into the performance of your webMethods services


Extensible consumer API

Comes with a number of pre-built consumers to Opentracing, JDBC, Log4J, Kafka, JMS, ElasticSearch etc. that enable the user to push performance metrics to data collection targets. Or use the API to build your own consumer

Familiar User Interface

Fully integrated with Software AG Designer giving the user a familiar look-and-feel for easy adoption and navigation

Flow component breakdown

Never before available visibility into the impact of specific Flow constructs like LOOP, BRANCH, SEQUENCE, and transformers

Integration with hardware resources

Enables the user to correlate service performance with spikes in CPU or memory utilization, and to be able to further drill down into the utilization of specific Java memory pools

Lightweight and fast

Configurable to maximize speed via in-memory profiling or maximize profiling time and reduce memory footprint via memory mapped files or custom collection targets

Multiple views

Different views enable the user to quickly identify bottlenecks through easy to understand charts and to further drill down into specific details regarding the execution of each service

Non-intrusive and simple to setup

Just drop a package on the server and you are good to do. No complex configurations and server restarts needed

Pipeline sizing

Visibility into the size of the pipeline at run-time

Profile Services at Design time

Developers can run their services in Designer to gather and display profiling metrics during design time

Visibility into server components

Never before available visibility into the impact of auditing, validation, statistics, and ACL checking on the overall performance of a service

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