webMethods + OpenTelemetry = Observability


Lightweight agent

Implemented with a lightweight agent model with performance in mind to ensure maximum throughput

OpenTelemetry support

Full OpenTelemetry support and compliance

Simple installation

Install Otelscope like you do any other webMethods package with no restarts required

Traceability across webMethods components and non-webMethods products

Increased visibility by supporting traces across webMethods components as well as non-webMethods products

System metrics and traces

Automatically generated system metrics and traces for CPU, memory usage, and more

Custom business metrics

Define custom business metrics in your services to be automatically shipped to your OpenTelemetry-compatible APM tool

Log integration with traces

Integrate your webMethods and custom application logs with traces

Trace filtering

Filter trances using include/exclude patterns and depth

Nanosecond precision

Enjoy nanosecond precision across metrics and traces

Server and Flow step tracing

Traceability not only across your Integration Server and API Gateway server components but also deep-down into your Flow services

Fully configurable

UI-based dynamic configuration for maximum control and balance between performance and visibility

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